Delays Expected at San Antonio Intl (SAT) on February 20, 2019

Delays are expected at San Antonio Intl (SAT) today.

High Probability of Delays Between 10:00 AM on 2/20 and 1:00 AM on 2/21

During this time period the airport expects to experience mist which will cause a high likelihood that flights will experience delays.

Here is a look at what the forecast conditions are and what is required for normal operation:

Normal Forecast
Conditions None Mist

Visibility Greater than 2 1.0
Wind Less than 11.8 MPH 4.7 MPH
Clouds Higher than 1,000 Clear

While the weather conditions should be good enough to land aircraft the low visibility caused by these weather conditions will probably require ATC to slow down the flow of traffic to ensure that aircraft arrive safely.

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