Flights to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) delayed Sep 1, 2021

Flights to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) are being delayed while in the air between 31 minutes and 45 minutes because of thunderstorms in the area.

This post is updated every 15 minutes. All times are listed in local time for the airport.

Will my flight be impacted?

Probability your flight will be impacted based on how far in the future it is scheduled to leave:

60 Minutes Three Hours Six Hours

Predicting exactly when thunderstorms are scheduled to impact an airport is very difficult, so airlines may dispatch flights in the hopes that the weather will improve by the time the flight arrives. More common is that flights will be delayed until the thunderstorm has passed.

Why Is This Happening?

Here are the current weather conditions at Baltimore-Washington International and an overview of what is required for “normal” operations:

Normal Current
Conditions Clear Heavy rain mist
Visibility Greater than 2 0.75
Wind Less than 11.8 MPH 15.3 MPH gusting to 30.6 MPH
Clouds Higher than 1,000 Scattered at 1,300
Broken at 2,400
Overcast at 5,000

Visibility is currently 0.75 statute miles, which is less than the normal 2 statute miles needed for aircraft to safely see each other and the runway during landing. Wind is currently too gusty to safely approach and land on the normal schedule.

The current mist is forecast to end by 6:00 PM on 9/1.

Today’s forecast includes rain.

The airport is currently experiencing delays because there are thunderstorms in the area. Thunderstorms are extremely dangerous to aircraft, with wildly shifting wind currents and severe turbulence. This can cause aircraft to crash on takeoff and landing, and even cause damage to aircraft on the ground. Thunderstorms usually roll into the area quickly and then leave just as fast, but the delays they cause can have knock-on impacts throughout the day.

Here’s what the current aviation forecast says will happen over the next few hours for the cloud cover:

Change From To Time
Lower 2,400 800 8:00 PM on 9/1
Raise 800 3,000 2:00 AM on 9/2

Here’s what the current aviation forecast says will happen over the next few hours for the visibility:

Change From To Time
Increase 0.75 5.0 6:00 PM on 9/1

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