Flights to Dallas Love (DAL) delayed Sep 14, 2021

Flights to Dallas Love (DAL) are being delayed at their departure airport until approximately 9:00 am CDT .The FAA has issued a “ground stop” for all flights to Dallas Love meaning that no new flights heading for this airport are allowed to leave at this time.

This post is updated every 15 minutes. All times are listed in local time for the airport.

Will my flight be impacted?

Probability your flight will be impacted based on how far in the future it is scheduled to leave:

60 Minutes Three Hours Six Hours

Maintenance at the airport is causing delays. This type of work is usually scheduled in advance to cause as little impact as possible. As such while your flight may see a minor delay it is not likely to be canceled unless there are other issues for that specific flight.

Why Is This Happening?

Things wear out and break including airport equipment and runways. To combat this airports conduct regular maintenance and occasionally close runways or other critical equipment in order to work on it and fix it. According to the FAA the Dallas Love airport is currently experiencing delays caused by this ongoing maintenance.

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