Flights to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) delayed Jan 29, 2018

Flights to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) are being delayed at their departure airport for approximately 58 minutes because weather conditions at the airport are too dangerous to safely land flights on the normal schedule.

This post is updated every 15 minutes. All times are listed in local time for the airport.


Will my flight be impacted?

Probability your flight will be impacted based on how far in the future it is scheduled to leave:

60 Minutes Three Hours Six Hours

The airport is currently experiencing delays due to the presence of snow and ice on the runways and airport surface. These conditions are not expected to improve quickly and will likely continue throughout the day.

It is very likely that your flight may be delayed or canceled even after the snow has stopped.

Why Is This Happening?

Here are the current weather conditions at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County and an overview of what is required for “normal” operations:

Normal Current
Conditions Clear Light snow
Visibility Greater than 2 5.0
Wind Less than 11.8 MPH 15.3 MPH gusting to 22.3 MPH
Clouds Higher than 1,000 Few at 1,500
Overcast at 3,500

The current snow is forecast to end by 12:00 PM on 1/30.

Snow and ice are pretty much the worst case scenario for airplanes. The snow reduces visibility making it difficult to land, and ice on the runways can make it difficult for airplanes to slow down and stop. In these situations air traffic control will reduce the number of airplanes taking off and landing to give flights more time to safely clear the runway and move between the runway and the terminal. Even after the snow has stopped and the weather has started to improve it may take a significant amount of time to clean the ice and snow from the runway.

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