Moderate Probability of Delays Expected at Louisville Intl-Standiford (SDF) on April 7, 2021

Delays are expected at Louisville Intl-Standiford (SDF) today. All times on this page are displayed in local time for Louisville Intl-Standiford .

Risk Beginning Ending Details
Medium 3:00 PM on 4/7 8:00 PM on 4/7 More information

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Medium Probability of Delays Between 3:00 PM on 4/7 AND 8:00 PM on 4/7

During this time period the airport expects to experience thunderstorms which will cause a medium likelihood that flights will experience delays.

Thunderstorms are potentially deadly for aircraft, mainly because of the unpredictable and severe winds that are associated with these storms. That wind causes a significant risk to landing aircraft and so airports will typically close during thunderstorms.

Lightning can also cause a hazard to ground staff, so airports may decide to stop servicing aircraft on the ground during these storms and for a period of time after they have passed.

Here is a look at what the forecast conditions are and what is required for normal operation:

Normal Forecast
Conditions None Thunderstorms, rain

Visibility Greater than 2 10
Wind Less than 11.8 MPH 11.8 MPH
Clouds Higher than 1,000 Clear

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